Mini OpenURL Redirector (mour.cgi)

This script simply takes the arguements passed into it via 'get' (eg. the url http://server/cgi-bin/mour.cgi?title=whatever)

To make this work with your voyager catalogue all you have to do is edit the line that reads
my $catalog_url="{TITLE}....etc
change "" to the url for your voyager catalogue and you are away.

The script could easily be adapted to work with other systems by completely replaceing the $catalog_url variable with the search syntax you need.

If everything works according the plan this script should execute a search for ["TITLE" or "ISBN"] where the TITLE and ISBN are sourced from the openurl request.

Perl Script:

See: Our blog (Library Cogs) for details on how we are using this script.

This page was written by James Brunskill ( in March 2007

Note: The code linked to from this page was developed while James was working for the University of Waikato Library. If for any reason the university would like this page and associated scripts to be removed or moved to a different location, I reserve the right to do so.