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Visual Art

This site showcases christian art work of all forms. If you have a peice of christian themed art work you want published here please email me and I will add it.

Jesus Image - James Brunskill

Jesus Face - Elizabeth Brunskill

Jesus died for us - Dylan Valvoi

Jesus painting - Brian Kendall

Word Art

Art is more than just visual you can be artistic with writing, playing sport, or all most any part of life


One way of being artistic with words is to write poems, Generally I don't like peoms (maybe its because I don't understand half them.) but every now and then one touches my heart. I plan to publish these here.

Excuse This House - a great poem for any mother of children.


Language is at its most artistic in the form of quotes,

My meger collection of Humorous Quotes

My collection of more inspirational, or introspective Quotes

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