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What is JAMBE PChelp?

Often I run across problems with my computer and turn to the net for a solution. Some times the solution can be very hard to find, I thought if I document all the problems I have had and fixed then it might make it easier for others to find their solutions.

Most likely these problems have been solved elsewhere and they are probably also the places that you will find first, but just in case I state it just the right way so that your search picks up this page then Great, I am glad I could help :)

If you have any other queries or problems feel free to ask me.

Here are the Problems and their solutions

Reseting windows 98 to 12h time format
Quick Solution: Go Start->Settings->Control Panel-> Regional Settings ->Time  then set "time style" to h:mm:ss 

Reenabling password autocomplete in MS IE6
Quick Solution: Open IE, clicktools->"internet options", then click the 'content' tab and there it is!!!!!
Infinite shutdown loop with the Windows Registry Checker
Quick Solution: restart into dos mode and run "scanreg.exe /restore" then load registry from the day before
How to access free hidden programs within Windows 9x
More PC Help to come as I come across and solve more problems

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