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The Best Free Utilities



As your computer runs programs use they ask Windows to allocate them some space in ram to use. As programmers are caucious and don't want their programs to crash they generally ask for more than they need. And moreover often they forget to give it back to the OS when they are finnished using the space. If you leave your computer on for long periods of time and keep lots of programs open, you need a program like RAMPage. It pushes stuff stored in ram that isn't being used currently onto the harddisk freeing up the ram so that the program you are using currently has "breathing space". If you aren't already running a memory recovery program you should check this one out. http://www.jfitz.com/software/RAMpage/index.html




Vault stores information is an easy to access maner. You define sections, and subsections, and for each one you have a freely editable text space. It is very fast and easy to use. With searching and the ability to hyperlink in other txtfiles or websites. Great for making lists, storing random information, phone numbers, things you only have to remember for a few days, and a multitude of other such things. I use it all the time. Its worth the small (450K) download.



SmartFtp is my ftp program of choice, and it is totally free for personal use!!! It has usefull features like storing the user names, passwords, and addresses for ftp sites you visit. It also has a nice drag and drop interface, and other cool stuff that I hardly ever use :)



For years people had to shell out lots of money to AntiVirus company for virus protection. This was bearable because there was always free updates right. But most AV companies are now charging yearly subscription fees! However great guys at grisoft have developed a free Antivirus solution called AVG. Before you cry "Norton's Better" you a probably right, but AVG is no push over and with the latest viruses directly attacking AntiVirus software Wouldn't it be smart to use a less well known AV? I once installed AVG and norton on a virus infected machine, AVG beat Norton to notifing the user about the virus every time. If you aren't protected against viruses there is no more excuses get AVG today.



By now everyone on the net must have heard of zonealarm, the free and effective personal firewall. If you haven't I'll let their websites and your favorite search engine speak for me.




Is your computer clogged up with hundreds of instant messaging programs, like ICQ and MSN? Trillian takes them all and combines them into one program. This means it runs faster, uses less ram etc. If you use more than just MSN It should be worth a look.

Modem Tweeking or Modem Tweaking to be more correct :)

In the past many people have discovered this page by searching for modem tweeking. This is a misspelling as you may see, but it is amazing how many people manage to find their way here on that account. So having said that do I have any advice on freeware for your modem? Well In my opinion the way to get the most out of you modem is by manually tweaking your modem. The best guide to how to do this I have found is at www.tweak3d.net Just click on the modem tweak guide. Another great place to try is http://www.tweaktown.com/ You can also try other programs that speed up your browsing like read a caching and personal dns servers. I can't whole hearted recogmend any particlular software, as it's genre seems to be ridiled with spyware. If you have found a good progam that fits this catergory send me an email and i might recogmend it here.

Well thats me on Freeware I hope you have some quality new software to download now.



Don't forget that I have some of my own free software. Its probably a little hard to used for the average person but if you have had programming experience check out:

JWT - JAMBE WebTool creates pages based on a template and list of other pages.

jambeCodec - Secret Code to share secrets with friends.

Engarde - A text based computer game the "simulates" a fencing match. (Really I can only imagine someone use this as example code :) 

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