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Koinania House

Koinania house is chuck missler's bible teaching ministry, this Website has links to all the 66/40 radio broadcasts and a free 1 year subscription to personal update, chuck missler's intelligence journal. This site is also home to the blue letter bible an excellent online bible/study tool.   - www.khouse.org

Gibson Research

Gibson research corparation is akin to jambe in that it is a company of but one guy, Steve Gibson owns/operates/"is" Gibson Research Corporation. The company specialises in Internet Security, for example steve was instrumental in bringing to public knowledge the fact that "spying" was being done with a lot of so called "FREE" software and that this information was being used for personaliesed (targeted) internet advertisement campains. His work lead to stuf such as Ad-Aware and people like Real Player implementing their own "Optout" check buttons in their software. He is also very well know for his Sheilds Up computer security testing site. All this and more can be found at his site - www.grc.com


Counterpane was started by a guy from the NSA who invented Twofish and Blowfish encyription algoritims (one smart cookie) If you are into internet security or encription then you should definately visit this site.


Chrisian streaming media site it has adventures in odyssey!!... yes I know its for Kids but I like it.

Speaking of Adventures in Odyssey,

www.OdysseyScoop.com is the place to visit to find out all about adventures in odyssey, competitions polls and more

Also Worth checking out is Shadowpaws Site, and the AIOHQ


Answers in Genesis

A must visit place for any christian interested in science.


GOLD (God's OnLine Devotion) Gold has mailing lists, discussion groups, devotional pages, news and heaps of other cool stuff. check them out.  -  www.angelfire.com/sc2/mygold


Bible-Exposition.org is the site of David Alan Bayliss a compsci Graduate, and Christian. His site is an interesting mix of technical computer, and biblical articles. He has a strong emphasis on biblical prophesy including the books of Daniel and Revelation. If you are into any of these subjects this site is well worth a visit. - www.bible-exposition.org

You should also check out the sites that I have exchanged Links with on My Reciprical Links Page