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On the 18th I had an article published in www.thischristianlife.com which is an excelent online christian magazine. You can read the article here http://www.thischristianlife.com/base/edit/internet0303b.html Thanks to Pat for publishing it. Any questions you have about it can be sent direct to my normal email (which you can find at the bottom of this page.

For a while I have been Neglecting to talk about this, How does one say JAMBE?

It is an actually the french word for leg, as you will see if you look at the ramble archives. But as I am not french and didn't even know that it was a french word, I like to say it as Jam (the stuff you might spread on bread) Bee (the little flying stinging insect). JAMBE...

I found this verse the other day so I thought I would share it with you.

Hebrews 10:24 - And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

I like the way it says to stir-up we shouldn't just be doing good ourselves but encouraging others to do the same.  

James 20/03/03

Well, I am well and truely back at uni... Started my second week today :)

I thought I would share with you a little illistration my pastor likes to tell regularly. Its called the elephant and the Ant.

The Elephant and the Ant were good friends, ant would sit on the elephants back and they would walk around and talk. Elephant loved haveing someone to talk to and look after. One day from his perch on Elephants back Ant saw a bridge. "Elephant" said the ant, "Lets cross the bridge" So the Elephant crossed the bridge, It was a swing bridge and as the elephant raced across it shook feriously. At the other side the ant let out a shout of joy. "Wow, Didn't we make that bridge shake!"

Who really made the bridge shake? I thought this was a cool illistration of us and God. So often we are proud of our accomplishments, and all the things that we have done. We need to remember that its only though God's strength we are able to accomplish anything. Yet though him the things we can to are staggering.

On a different note, its good to see the google has updated its database, our main page rank has gone up to 5/10 and also our Enigma Machine has gone up to 5/10. Google backward links refers to http://www.xat.nl/enigma/ as linking to that page so I better than them here:) Thanks.

Anyway, better get back to work...


James 11/03/03

As you may notice (or may not depending on how often you come here, there have been a few additions to the site. Firstly our PChelp page, I hope that here I will be able to document all the things I have to fix on my computer so that the same solutions will be easier to find for others. I know that there are 1000 sites like this but haveing more can only be beneficial.

I have also made a slight change to my programming page, organising the project into different sections based upon programming language.

At this point I'd like to thank Russell Schwager And Helger Lipmaa for linking to my Online Enigma Machine

The support is greatly appreiciated.

During my surfing lately I ran across this article http://www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home/20001203mag-hitt.html Which is a interview/adventure the author had with Stephen St.Croix who is trying to get permission to attempt the recovery of audio from Watergate tape. If you are interested in sound, gadgets, electronics and the like then this is a must read article. Some of the other articles in the series are worth reading as well. Especially http://www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home/20001203mag-penenberg.html about legal corporate espionage.

As this Ramble is getting long I had better get on with the ramble word.

I have choosen the word incidently andaccording to dictionary.com

incidently :-

adv 1: introducing a different topic; "by the way, I won't go to the party" 2: in an incidental manner; "these magnificent achievements were only incidentally influenced by Oriental models" [syn: accidentally, by chance]

So some times it is used merely to mean "by the way" other times it means "it just happened to be so", or "this is also true but it doesn't have that much relevence to what I am saying." ie. "Incidently Aunt Mord, also brought the same wedding gift for uncle peter and aunt jane at their wedding."

In writing we always try to say things clearly in a simple manner with out any excess junk. But in speech we are always adding little things that don't really matter in the context of the sentence, but that the hearer might like to hear or need to know. Have you noticed that? Words like incidently are used far more often in conversation, or simulated conversation (as in a story) than in writing.

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James 21/02/03

  JAMBE Enterprises is a winner of the 2003/2004 Golden Web Awards

Well!! I have just got back home from parachute, a huge music festival here in New Zealand, read about it at www.parachutemusic.com . So as you may have guessed I am now very tired...

However when I checked my email I had a pleasant surprise! My Site just recieved a Golden Web Award for 2003/2004 ! So hense my hastly writen ramble. I plan to make a awards page some time soon. (but not till I have had some sleep) So if any one else would like to give me an award they are welcome to do so :)

Well speaking of parachute, I will give a quick plug for detour, A new band just making themselves into a big name :) My sister flats with one of the band members. Check out their website at www.detourtheband.com

Also i noticed that the number of people that have been signing my guest book has droped since I droped the link inside my ramble. SO I am adding it back just click the button to sign!

If you were wondering you normally get to the guest book there is a button just to the left of this ramble as well.


27/01/02 Just in case you are confused I use the NZ date format (ie dd/mm/yy)

This is my first post of 2003... wow didn't the year go fast :)

I haven't got a lot to say at the moment except to say that there is lots to come. I have hunderds of Ideas for the site, it's just up to me to get around to doing them.

One biggish change you may notice is the new JAMBE Mail. I bet you are saying to yourself, Why would I want another email address? I already have three. Well here are some Ideas

1. Your old email is to long ie. thelongestnameintheworld01_4God@hotmail.com is hard to remember :) you can get an easy to remember yourname@jambe.zzn.com

2. You might want to sign up for something but don't want to get spamed. Sign up for myspam@jambe.zzn.com and send the email there.

3. You are pleased that I have got it because you can get your own someone@yoursite.zzn.com by visiting www.zzn.com

If you do want to sign up, either type your name into the boxes above or visit http://jambe.zzn.com

Now the word for this ramble is ramble!

I was thinking what word to do and I realised that this is one word I haven't done despite it being so obvious :)

here is the dictionaries definition:

ram�ble   Audio pronunciation of "ramble" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (rmbl)
intr.v. ram�bled, ram�bling, ram�bles

  1. To move about aimlessly. See Synonyms at wander.
  2. To walk about casually or for pleasure.
  3. To follow an irregularly winding course of motion or growth.
  4. To speak or write at length and with many digressions.

of course the meaning I thought of when naming this section of the site was #3. Surprisingly these rambles haven't had excesive digressions or lengthly meaningless discussions. I see that the more sophisticated persons on the web are calling things like this "Web Logs" but I'll stick with the name Ramble for now.

I also added a link to www.bible-exposition.org to my links page. This site is an interesting mix of technical and biblical interest much like this site is.

I hope your are having a great new year.



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