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Essays by James Brunskill,

Here are a collection of essays I have writen for various courses I have done. They fall under 3 major categories, Philosophy, Bible, and Computer Science. I am providing them here mostly as a reference for myself and for you to see how not to write :) Please do not Plagerise, These essays are copywrite to me and should not be handed in as your work. If you want to quote from them (I can't see why you would) then you must provide a full reference this webpage, and my name.

Philosophy Essays


This Essay was writen for the class Language and Communication at Waikato Uni. It discusses Grices theory that Linguistic meaning can be built from examining what the Utterer means by his utterence. It can't have been too badly writen because I recieved an A+ for it. But before I get too happy,  Dr. David Lumsden said (about this essay) "I think my main reservation about this essay is some occasional flakey punctuation." So this might be a good example of how not to punctuate your essay... 


Eliminative Materialism is an unusual theory, it says that there are no beliefs or desires, they are simply side nonexistent states that we make up to help explain behavior. Anyway If the topic graps you should read the essay :) But be warned, the Lecturer stated that I could have taken more time to make sure I express my self clearly and consisely. So maybe I could suggest you read it as an example of how not to write clearly and consisely, and how not to demonstrate formal style...

Biblical Essays


This isn't really a full essay, it is more notes for, or the beginnings of an essay, the version I handed in has since been lost. It was writen for a New Testament servey course at the New Zealand Missionary Training College www.nzmtc.ac.nz


This was also writen for the New Testament servey course at the New Zealand Missionary Training College www.nzmtc.ac.nz I discusses how the old testament was shown to be fullfilled in Matthews Gospel, how Jesus was able to fullfill, and surpass the law, and it discusses "the Kingdom of God" as it is protrayed in matthew.


As I state in the first paragraph of this essay its purpose is to discuss the way Mark�s gospel presents.

  • The gradual revelation of Jesus as the Messiah

  • Jesus the suffering Son of Man

  • The large proportion of Mark devoted to the Last week of Jesus life


This is another incomplete essay, It was supposed to present Pauls teachings on the old and new convenants.


This essay, as the title suggests, discusses the relationship between the church and the state during biblical times. My opening statement was :"The authors of Revelation, Hebrews, James, Peter, and Romans were writing their letters to a persecuted Christian community. The church was struggling to see how they could submit to an authority that was so harshly persecuting them. "  What would you do if the government made it illegal to be a christain? I think in the essay I attempt to summarise what paul said to his church with regards to the issue. T/FONT>

Computer Science Essays


This is a poorly writen essay. I wrote it very quickly and with basicly no research. It was supposed to touch on two topics, Alan Turings "Turing Test", and to describe the Alice Bot which is currently the the computer program that has come closest to passing the turing test. Feel free to read it anyway...

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