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10 Ways to take help you stay on track with God!

1. Find a prayer partner and pray together reguarly

2. Do an indepth bible study, you could do a study of one book untill you "own" it. You could do a topic study, Get a good concordance and look up every place in the bible that for example love is mentioned. You could to a comparitive study of all the Gospels see how things are the same/different in each one.

3. Go into the bush or a park and spend half an hour praying, just You and God.

4. Read an inspiring book by someone who has been used by God.

5. Buy a nice small book and make it a journal to God. When you get Ideas or just learn in you quiet time write it in the book. It is a great record to look back on. Write something in it every day even if you don't feel that you got much out of what you read just write what you read and leave it at that.

6. Memorise scripture. There is nothing more valuable than Gods word. Having it in your heart is vital to you christian Growth. You never know if one day you will not be allowed a bible memorised scripture could be all you have.

7. Pray as if you are sure that by that prayer someone will be saved from hell.

8. Read scripture aloud it may sound different then. Remember that most of Pauls letters were writen to be read out in church to an entire congergation. Think how the message would effect the people.

9. Write a list of every adjective you can think of to describe God.

10. Linger before God, Imagine yourself like a dog just happy to be in his masters presence.

11. Just do it, don't procrastinate. God has time for you now. 

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