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jambeCodec Cryposystems

jambeCodec is a program that makes files into a code (which I invented). All you have to do is make a .txt file with a message in it and jambeCodec will encode it into a scecret code. Download the program and send it to your friends then you can have secret communications and if you know some C++ check out the code and see how it works. The new feature added to version 1.1 is manual encoding! This means that you can type text directly in to the program and then encode it! You don't have to make a file for each message.

ENIGMA coding is in the early experimental stages you can check out progress here.




jambeCodec.zip  -the program and the code nicely zipped (version 1.1) :) this is the one to download.

jambeCodec.cpp   -the code (version 1.1);

code.cpp  -the encoder code only (original version)

decode.cpp -the decoder code only (original version)

I use Emacs and GCC to write and complie my programs. Both are freely avaliable on the web use the link below to find out more. DJGPP is another free compiler that I used when I first started out but it is harder to use.


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