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Make your own Enigma Machine 

So you want to make your own enigma machine? Here is an easy way. Print out the picture below, cut out the rotors and place them one on top of each other. Make sure you can read all the letters. Then get a drawing pin (preferably one with a flat end) and press the drawing pin throught the crosses. Then place the drawing pin flat end down and place the large - middle - small on top. Now the rotors can turn freely with out move out of position. It might pay to press a peice of cork or something on to the top of the drawing pin to be safe. These rotors will work with my Enigma Machine so you exchange secret messages between you and a friend with out a computer. Just set all the funny b's to the top to start. (these represent spaces) you can actually start with which ever letters you like, just make sure you use the same to decode again. Currently my enigma machine only starts on the spaces.

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