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JAMBE webtool is my newest and by far the coolest program I have ever written. Have you ever sought out that professional website look, with tables and links to everything on the one page. I have and for ages I tried using frames, these give you a great way to easily update your site without having to change every page, but they look unprofessional and are horrible to use. Tables would look great but you can't really use them unless you are planning to use ASP/PHP or if you aren't going to update you site Right? I mean I would be tedious to rewrite all my pages with the new code and what if I wanted to add a new link to the menu?  I would suddenly have to go through every page on my website and change it?


Webtool (I have to think of a better name) is a small c++ program that I have just developed. It's purpose is to take a Webpage and apply what I call a template to it. The Idea being that JWT takes a already developed Webpage and another Webpage (called the template) and creates a new Webpage based on the the template with the code from the first Webpage inserted the position You choose. This gives you a frame like effect, you can insert the body of your code inside a table, have a menu bar in another, and a banner in still another, the possibilities are endless. (this whole website was made like this) Then If you want to add a new page in the menu for example all you do is change the template and run JWT again. (JWT lets you do all your pages at once) It is so easy. JWT also preserves your original file's <head> information so any meta tags, page title, etc will be preserved. It also keeps the original file name (saved to a new folder) so all you pages currently indexed with search engines won't lose there placing.

Great you say, How does it work, where can I get it?

JWT Is totally free you can download it right here

JWT.zip - The code the readme and the executable (BETA)

JWT.cc - The code only (BETA)

How do I use it?

JWT is easy to operate but to make you life easier you should know a few things.

1. With this release you MUST have a folder in the current directory called webt in which all you new files will be saved. (This will be customizable in the next release I just have to figure out the best way to do it)

2. your template file MUST have #### in it where you want the code from the old file to go.

3. JWT has NOT been tested with missing tags in either the template or the other file these may have peculiar results

4. Remember this is really only a BETA version It works fine at the moment but It may not always do what you want. I will be in no way responsible for anything that happens to do with my program. I recommend that you make a fresh folder and copy all the website files you will be useing to that folder (don't forget to add the folder called webt) 

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